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Posted on 05-29-19, 12:49 pm
banned for being a pathetic pile of shit. good riddance.

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anyone with code access, go ahead and do this if possible I guess (I tested this on localhost, worked fine as far as I know)


* remove the powerlevel check hiding the internal search
* remove also the block on forcing an internal search that throws a kill exception
* add ' fid' to the end of the select in the two search queries
* add the php function forumaccesscontrolsql (or whatever the function is called) in the where clause in the queries

should properly secure the search for everyone. dunno if ABXD's internal search works very well, from what I recall (which was like 2 years ago) it was case sensitive so may be worth looking into that

hope this helps, I guess
Posted on 05-29-19, 08:43 pm
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Pull requests are welcome -->

Posted on 05-31-19, 06:17 pm
banned for being a pathetic pile of shit. good riddance.

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once I decide to turn on the SoC my ABXD stuff is on, then sure I’ll go ahead and PR some stuff

also, does the board support UTF8MB4 (unicode) everywhere and InnoDB? if it’s moving to InnoDB keep in mind, on MariaDB 10.3 at least that you’ll have to up the user agent varchar from 100 to 256 or else it’ll break the board.
Posted on 06-22-19, 12:02 pm
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with strict-mode SQL you have to properly truncate your strings or things asplode
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