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Posted on 05-11-19, 08:39 pm

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Hey! I have recently installed The NSMB editor and i wanted to know if it runs on mac? I read the read me and it said something about a mac, But i'm really dumb with computers and don't really know what it meant. I would really like some help on this. ~Angus
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If you aren't confident with some tinkering around I am afraid you won't get it working.

NSMBe comes as a Windows build only.

You could try running it via mono or wine but those are known to be a little complicated to get going without major visual bugs.
Probably the best result you will get is via a virtual machine (VirtualBox, VmWare, Parallels, ...) or by installing Windows via bootcamp.

Also please use descriptive thread titles. Fixed it for you.
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