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Posted on 04-14-19, 06:18 am

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I'm sorta new to this modding thing, but I do have experience with 3D. I have the right tools and I have replaced some models on Mario Kart DS. I just have some questions.
Is it possible to make my custom models rigged so they can animate?
How do I convert textures into the Mario Kart DS texture format?
I use the Mario Kart DS Tool Box, The Mario Kart Course Modifier and the every file explorer tool.
Help would be greatly appreciated.
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Red Goomba

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Join the server in my post layout, we can all explain there.

Also, I should mention that nobody in the MKDS community uses MKDSCM anymore, aside from the people that don't know that we have newer, and better tools, so you can delete that, it's obsolete, it's sub par compared to what we have these days.
If you watched any YouTube tutorials, odds may be that you saw something from 2012 with loads of outdated information
that nobody with experience would dare use these days.
(We wouldn't touch it with a 10ft pole).

But the thing is, I'm not too sure what your sources have really been, or how you've done things, or what exactly you've done so far. Most resources outside of the server are just plain awful, not gonna lie.
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Posted on 05-02-19, 09:53 am

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BTW, MKDSCM is still there for previewing sound effect sequences inside SSAR files, which no other tool can do it as of now.

If this feature gets implemented into DS Sound Studio or Nitro Studio, then we can take MKDSCM into the trash can.
Posted on 05-16-19, 03:18 am

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Yikes! I had no idea, I'll join the server right now.
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