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Posted on 04-04-19, 12:47 am
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Ok, So Im kinda new to the NSMB hacking community.
I have a test castle level made, but the lava wont animate like it does in normal gameplay.
I dont know why this is happening.
If you have the answer to this, thanks in advance
Posted on 04-04-19, 01:12 am (rev. 1 by  TruelyJohn64 on 04-04-19, 01:13 am)

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Did you use the lava tile (in the tileset) or the lava sprite (the placable object)?
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Posted on 04-04-19, 01:13 am
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It can you post the level file? It's hard to help if we can't look at the level in the editor.

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Posted on 04-04-19, 01:48 am (rev. 1 by Agent Xz on 04-04-19, 01:54 am)
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Thanks, I'll try the sprite. I haven't used the editor in about 2 years.

edit: it worked, big thanks!
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