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Posted on 03-09-19, 11:29 pm
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So, as you may or may not know, NSMB2 has couple unused prototype levels, however many of these levels have the shared problem of incorrect IDs for various aspects of the level and because of this they are unplayable.

Here is an example of how these levels look in coinkiller:

However, I have spent some time analysing these stages and have been able to (almost) fully restore all of these stages. I have produced tables for each of these levels, listing both the incorrect/old ID, and the ID of each of the objects in the retail game.

Here is the same level after being restored:

The tables I have created are available here, and a copy of the restored proto levels is available here

If anyone has any ideas about the last few IDs that have yet to be restored, your help would be appreciated.

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