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Posted on 02-06-19, 11:29 pm

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I was testing a level that I had made, and when I got the Starman in my stage, I proceeded to kill enough enemies to get a 1-UP...except, the 1-UP jingle didn't play.

The "musical scale" used for the enemy combo played fine.
The 1-UP jingle plays upon getting a 1-UP Mushroom.
It also plays upon reaching 100 coins.

What could the issue be?
Posted on 02-11-19, 11:55 pm

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Perhaps I should elaborate more.

In 1-2, I have a star in place that, if skilled enough, can kill enough enemies to score an extra life.

There is also some activator sprites keeping the screen locked at the bottom, just like the original.

I have had sprites involving the camera cause sound issues in past levels, though previously, it was the "bah" voice clips making a "click" sound. That problem has been resolved.

However, I am unsure what could be causing the issue this time around.

I will mess around with the placement of the starting entrance to see if that has anything to do with it.
Posted on 02-12-19, 03:24 am
That MvL Hacker

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hmm...what sound set are you using?
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Posted on 02-14-19, 04:11 pm

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I left it at the default.

However, I did find out the problem.

The last enemy in the chain was too close to the checkpoint, and the checkpoint (despite the audio being done) overpowered the 1-UP sound. There must be at least a second of silence at the end of the checkpoint's sound, but because the audio is still technically "playing", the 1-UP can't be played.

NSMB hacking is pretty finicky...
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