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Posted on 12-25-18, 07:17 pm

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Hi, here is the issue I have. I just did a slight edit in a Mario VS Luigi level, and when I try to connect my DS to my 3DS with single cartridge mode, the game on my 3DS crashes on the Nintendo screen. I have a R4 cartridge in my DS and download play mode on my 3DS. Mario VS Luigi works with no problem with the unedited game, and I've only edited one level in the whole game.
Any help would be welcome.
Posted on 12-25-18, 07:34 pm
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I think you need to use the edited ROM on both sides, and download play just will not work because some parts of the ROM are signed and DLP checks that.

you can do tests with melonDS tho.
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Posted on 12-26-18, 12:52 am

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Ok thanks for your reply, I'll just edit single player levels.
Posted on 12-29-18, 03:54 am
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Did you check "DLP Friendly" in the editor? If you did, it might be the level itself. If you would like, I could try can fix the level if you posted a screenshot or something.
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