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Posted on 12-19-18, 10:42 pm (rev. 1 by RicBent on 04-06-19, 10:30 am)

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Sunset Shores is a mini one world mod of NSMB2 which brings a brand new watery themed ascetic along with 8 custom stages. This is also the first NSMB2 hack to feature code modifications, which wouldn't have been possible without the wonderful people working on Super Mario Bros Next.
  • 8 beach themed levels
  • The return of a classic enemy
  • A brand new Mini-Game
  • A custom background and world map
  • Original and remixed music



Again, I just really want to thank everyone on Next Team who helped me out with this. I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without them and this hack wouldn't have been in the state it is without all of them!
Posted on 12-20-18, 02:36 am
Super Koopa

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This hack looks amazing! Too bad I can't play it. My 3DS won't because the firmware is too new for Homebrew and none of my PCs will play citris at a playable speed

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Posted on 12-20-18, 10:39 am

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Installing CFW is possible on all 3ds firmware versions tho. Also the emulator is called "Citra". It also got an update a few months ago that increased it's performance quite a bit so you might want to try again. Tho you are required to dump your own copy of NSMB2 because almost all pirated dumps out there are incomplete so you kinda need a CFWed 3ds anyways.
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Posted on 12-20-18, 12:57 pm
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zog. this looks way cool
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