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Posted on 11-04-18, 05:01 pm (rev. 1 by  Skylander on 11-04-18, 05:07 pm)
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Okay, I tried to insert Skawo's addition boot credit again and I got another error. I didn't code something right on the file. No biggie.

I test the game, and the Nintendo copyright screen doesn't come up! It just flashes a little black and white then takes me to the main menu! How in the world did this happen?!

Edit: Also Minigames no longer work. If I click it, screen goes black then reloads the Main Menu. I didn't apply anything to get rid of this. Is there any fix?

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Posted on 11-04-18, 05:17 pm

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Looking into the src directory to know what you are actually inserting into your rom might help.
Also instead of creating new threads all the time please post in the existing threads.
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