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Posted on 08-16-18, 07:10 pm
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Hello everyone,

As far as I know, the Boss music for Bowser Jr fights and the boss music for castle fights is hardcoded.
Normally, the music is silent for a moment (bjr) or is silent as long as you are not standing in the boss area (castle). If you change the boss music via NSMBe, this music will replace the silent but once the "normal" music would play, the new track stops and the normal one starts playing.

I know that skawo and/or MeroMero made an ASM hack, allowing to choose wich level plays boss music.
Meaning I could just use that and deactivate the boss music (so far goes the theory).

Just wondering if there is an easy way to have this silence before the boss music starts playing but still choose custom music (yeah I could implement silencxe in the track itself but that wouldn't work for the Castle because you can stand there basically forever)

Btw I know I could replace the boss tracks, but I wanted to use a new boss music for every big boss in the game.
So if anyone knows what I am talking about and knows how to fix this, I would be very happy.
And if someone is sure that this isn't possible for a ASM noob like me, then also tell me ( then ill have to use skawo/MeroMero's ASM hack i guess)

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