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Posted on 08-08-18, 12:29 pm
KingYoshi rereg.

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Posted by Jamie
Yeah, all NSMB games under one, rock stable hood would be nice (...)

Hm, I don't know. The games are all very different and I think that in this case, bigger wouldn't be better. It could even turn out very chaotic if we had one big forum for all games from the NSMB series. We'd probably have to remove some subforums to prevent having four times as many subforums as we have now, which could disstimulate the interest in NSMB Hacking. I don't think it's a bad thing to keep things a bit seperated.
Posted on 08-08-18, 01:05 pm
banned for pulling same old drama antics

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Cutting out some subforums would work. I feel like there’s too many right now: just having NSMB Hacking Help and Single File Releases would work fine IMO to group help and discussion relating to single things like music etc.
Posted on 08-08-18, 02:31 pm
W1 out :)

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Beside U and 2, many other Mario games like 64 and Super Mario World (and even the struggling Wii community) have their own page. Giving the lost childs U and 2 a new home wouldn't harm anyone, but putting it ALL together would create a big mess.
Agree with  Bloom, Fairy of Fire

@Jamie I tbh don't get what you mean by that. Do you mean that putting all together can work when we clean things up a bit?
Even then it woulnd't work because, as said, they have their own pages.
The most we could do would be linking them and sending people to their pages.
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