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Posted on 07-04-18, 05:06 pm

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Hello everyone,
Here I followed the tutorial Adding files to the ROM "" I realized everything without any problem. But here, my problem is here, I would like to add a new object (the golden flower nsmb2 to see mario turn into gold and shoot balls of golden lights) but here I do not know what are the files to import and to create for realized that.
Thank you for your help.... Gogo

Posted on 07-04-18, 05:13 pm
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You realize you can't just take an object from NSMB2 and port it to NSMB DS.
There's someway you could copy and retexture the original Fire Flower, and edit it's code though.
Nevertheless, it would be very hard to and would require alot of ASM.

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Posted on 07-04-18, 05:25 pm

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Hello Skylander,
Yes I know that putting an object is not really possible but if I can already change the texture of the flower and flower in bloom it would be great to start but I already try to change and it gave me a pixilated flower with full of color (ugly). If anyone knows how to modify the flower in golden flower for what looks like that of nsmb2 to turn mario into a golden flower. I hope my request is understandable ...
Thank you Gogo

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