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Posted on 05-25-18, 10:01 pm

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new super mario bros ds level editor wiiu ?
Posted on 05-25-18, 10:06 pm
Dry Bones

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Could you word that better? I don't understand. If you're looking for the editor for the Wii U, google Reggie!
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Posted on 05-25-18, 10:13 pm
Morton Koopa
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good luck making sense out of this. he's speaking in keywords.

>NSMB editor
>Wii U
Posted on 05-28-18, 10:50 pm, deleted by RicBent: Yeah, his question is worded incorrectly. No need to point that out trice.
Posted on 05-29-18, 12:22 am, deleted by RicBent: ^
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