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Posted on 08-27-18, 07:24 pm
Super Mario
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devkitPro for Windows already contains an ndstool compiled for windows BTW.
Posted on 08-28-18, 03:57 am (rev. 1 by famiac on 08-28-18, 04:00 am)

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Oh. I had just looked at their github repo, and I couldn't find any windows binaries.
Posted on 12-17-18, 01:51 am (rev. 1 by TiredKorok on 12-17-18, 07:54 am)

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Really cool work going on here, the video enablers and workaround for GBA are especially awesome!

The only feature a debugger unit is missing now is running retail ds games.

Hoping to get a debugger myself soon, maybe I can help figure something out

Edit: I know it is used just for flashing games and backup memory but I wonder if that's just a software limitation like the gba slot.
Posted on 01-22-19, 11:33 am (rev. 1 by RicBent on 01-22-19, 11:41 am)

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The FCC actually makes a ton of pictures/documents of the tested hardware public. This includes internal photos, tho mainly only of the radio hardware.

Considering  Dirbaio took apart a non wifi version this doc is pretty interesting:

There are a ton more docs including pictures and manuals of the IS-NITRO-EMULATOR available here:

If you want to see some stuff about other dev hardware made by Intelligent Systems here is a list of all their hardware inspected by the FCC:
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