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Y'know a game that was announced? Super Sma5h Bros. Switch. Seeing how no one has pretty much said a word about it yet, I'm making a thread.

(To be clear, I'm assuming this is a new game, not a port, but if it is a port, then I'm okay with that because Sm4sh was a gud gam)

Wanted characters (in no order):
Waluigi-I'm like 97% sure he's gonna be a playable character. WAH!
Ridley-I don't care if he's too big! Shrink him like Bowser!
King K. Rool-Donkey Kong needs more representation
Mario & Cappy-Different character than Mario. Capturing abilities and epic jumps. Final smash needs to be T-rex
Paper Mario-He won't be a clone because of vastly different games, and he could have some interesting abilities.
Skull Kid-He's an interesting character and Majoras mask 3D is a sorta new game
Bandana Waddle Dee-He plays great in Super Smash Flash 2
Bomber Man-He plays great in Super Smash Flash 2 and is a deserving character
Miis-They are fun to customize and fight with your ridiculously dressed self
Shovel Knight-Retro platformer with an amiibo
Sans-Because Sans

Unwanted characters:
Ice Climbers-Yeah, I know I'm gonna get hate, but I don't feel like Ice Climbers are good characters. They'll probably be in the game tho
Doom Guy-Really? This dude is not going to be in smash
Wii Fit Trainer-Bad fighter and unnecessary character
Dr. Mario-Clones aren't necessary (EDIT: Unless they cut OG Mario for Mario & Cappy)

Wanted Stages:
The Odyssey-Travels around the kingdoms like the NSMBU stage
(If not above)New Donk City-Wide open stage with things to swing off of. Maybe day/night cycle for those tank things to come out at night
Great Plateau from BotW-Guardian boss, a tall tower to climb, a very wide open stage
Some sort of low gravity stage-Like the Moon Kingdom or something
Underwater stage-We really need one of these. How havn't we gotten one yet? Infinite jumps and slower fighting
Final destination but with Crazy and Master hand while fighting- Like regular final destination, but with the boss hands trying to kill all players

Necessary things:
Actually good single player-Where is my subspace emissary?
Stage builder-Sm4sh's stage builder got the job done, but it wasn't that great. We need more objects to put in stages as well as more ground to lay out.
A good multiplayer mode-WTF was smash tour?

What do you want from Sma5h? Do you think it will be a new game or a port? What are your characters/stages? Who do you want to get cut from the roster?
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Posted on 04-15-18, 09:29 am
Roy Koopa
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Personally, I think Smash 4's gameplay is good. They should just keep everything (physics, speed, etc.) and use Smash 4 as a base for future games.

Add new items, characters, stages, music, settings and game modes. That's all they need to do.

Now for the things I want them to add:

Characters: Tetra, Banjo & Kazooie, Shantae, Ridley, Shovel Knight, Prof. Layton, and maybe some ARMS representation? I vote for Mechanica.

Stages: They can go nuts. They've got 30+ years of locations from Nintendo games to choose from.
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Posted on 07-09-18, 08:28 pm
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They already showed what characters are going to be in SSBU, but I would still make my list of characters I wish were there. P.S. some of the fighters on my list aren't really ever going to appear, but why not.

List of Characters: Toc-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Battalion Wars Soldier, Spooky (from Pac-Man World 2), Petey Piranha, Baldi, Paper Mario, Hammer Bro, Boss Baby (Business/Money-Based attacks), Captain Underpants, Bonzi Buddy (cuz You know why), King Bob-omb, Toad, Birdo, Waluigi, King Boo, Toadette, Toadsworth, Princess Shroob, Fawful, (Minecraft) Steve, Koopa Troopa/Paratroopa, Antasma, Clippy, Peedy, and Dry Bones.

Wow, I have too many wishes. (Lol)
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Banjo and Kazooie would be pretty cool. Considering Nintendo's pretty good relation with Microsoft recently and the Xbox division head Phil Spencer willing to let that happen ( make that pretty probable actually.

Maybe a few more characters from the DK franchise may be cool too.
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Captain Underpants

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For the Fighters Pass, a lot of people are sure about Cuphead and Rabbids because of some "leak" from a guy who claims to have a friend working at Nintendo.
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Posted on 03-14-19, 12:55 am
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I'm hoping another EarthBound/MOTHER character will be added in the fighter's pass. Probably Kumatora or Poo, since they're the only characters from the series that have an interesting enough design that wouldn't be echo fighters.
Posted on 03-14-19, 12:20 pm (rev. 1 by  Wither19 on 03-14-19, 12:22 pm)
Captain Underpants

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I was thinking maybe Brittany, or Louie or a Pikmin series character. Also Birdo, seeing as Yoshi has been in the game since Smash first began, and he's still the only fighter from the Yoshi series.
I guess I bumped this thread and revamped it for discussion for the Fighters Pass.
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