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Posted on 04-14-18, 11:25 am
Banned permanently: Rereg of Saperfaq_DX

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HeY gUyS! here is a tutorial no one asked for and basically a list of rules. But WHERES the fun in that?
There are a few methods to get banned I MEAN uh be aware
1. spam people's inboxs telling them to go to your new thread about your paltry 1 level hack you probably stole
2. tell an admin to go poop in a box
3. post downloads to random shit or a patched rom (just dont, thats basically an insta-ban)
4. Shitpost (I mean, if you wanna shitpost, go to a different forum that hacks sonic, idk...)
5. spam random forums with useless tutorials and stuff no one cares about bacause they know you aren't important until you've made a good hack. It's a hard world out there, but even when you get raided with bad karma, just know that you have a chance, and that the people at the forum care sometimes.

Im unpopular! yay..
Posted on 04-14-18, 12:11 pm

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Great that you actully follow #4 with this thread.

Yeah. No.
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