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Posted on 03-28-18, 03:53 am
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whew, 1 week and a half working on this! Man this is hard, anyways, I'm currently developing a hack called New Super Mario Bros. DS 2 which is an unofficial sequel to NSMB.DS, this will just be a plain and simple hack with new music, backgrounds and beta usage. Uh yeah don't expect t o o much from this because well... it's made by a NOOB. Anyways I need some bois to help me with this, I mean I'm barely working on 1-4, and every little thing needs help right?

ehh step right up come on you know time to do the MECHRIO PARK!!!

right now I need some level designers who which I will give credit to in the game... if that happens

current credit to RicBent (or as I call Rickie) for giving us a useful title screen editor... bless that man.

also if your reading this what size do I use for my logo? .-.
Posted on 03-28-18, 04:39 am

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It's rule of thumb around here to have something to show if you want people to help you, for all we know you could have us make levels and stuff just for you to take it and run. You know?

Make your logo about the size of the original.

Also I would refrain from typing in memes, because personally I'm having a hard time figuring out if you're serious or not...
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Posted on 03-28-18, 12:53 pm
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I will show it later, this thread's purpose is to see if people want to help me with the hack. Sometime later I will give the link to it bc I don't want someone to steal it and claim it as theirs (sorry for such a stupid question but h o w do you give links for stuff in your archives?)

where can I find THAT logo, there's so many in Google.

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Posted on 03-28-18, 01:06 pm (rev. 2 by  Arceus on 03-28-18, 03:41 pm)
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Don't think much people want to help you if you continue to write like this. Should be a bit more serious.

Also you are missing TruelyJohns point. If you don't show off what you got already we have no real idea what you are actually aiming to in this hack and how your own work is looking.
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Posted on 03-28-18, 10:36 pm
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man, but memes are my blood

like I said, this thread's purpose only is if people are intrested in helping, I will show my work until I atleast get one helper. I'm doing this bc I don't want for a random person to steal my hack and claim it as theirs. I can't just go to that person who stole my hack and say "hey that's my hack give it back". I literally have no proof right now that shows this is my hack, but if I have a helper I can get enough proof to get my hack back. Also I can't awkwardly show a hack that is barely being developed since one week ago, I gotta atleast finish some more levels which will atleast take 3 more days. And no I will not grab and go, I'm just not that kind of person.
Posted on 03-28-18, 11:19 pm
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What content could people possibly steal from a few screenshots or a short video?
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Posted on 03-28-18, 11:24 pm (rev. 1 by F. Mario on 03-28-18, 11:28 pm)
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oh screenshots? I thought I had to give a link to the hack, well give me some time to take the screenshots

Also just a heads up, I got Skawo's permission to use some of his tilesets and backgrounds
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