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Posted on 02-16-18, 06:29 pm (rev. 2 by  Helios on 02-16-18, 06:40 pm)
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Anyone knows the game Deemo by Rayark (also the publisher of Cyrus)? It is a (paid) rhythm game on iOS, Android and PS Vita.

Once there was a period where Deemo became the "best game of the week", so it was free of charge for a limited period of time. I downloaded the game when it was free and I was totally surprised by the quality.

This game has:
1. extremely touching storyline (please don't read it on Wikipedia, because that will spoil the whole thing)
2. wonderful melodies (e.g. ANiMA)

I just want to recommend this game to you. You need to pay for it, but if you are interested, you will not be regretted.

P.S. Just saw it on App Store, it has a rating of 4.9/5... Speechless...
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Posted on 03-17-18, 12:04 am
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Is it like Voez? I would prefer to play something in a console, but I like rythm games so I might give it a try.
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