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Posted on 02-12-18, 07:52 pm (rev. 1 by Facza on 02-12-18, 07:53 pm)

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I usually look for hacks from NSMB by youtube, and today I found something that caught my attention

According to the description, the idea came from a post from here. I'm really excited to see what this is going to do, I'm certainly not the only one who wants a hack rom these long ago
Posted on 02-12-18, 08:13 pm

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It's going to go nowhere.

Unless they know the in and outs of the entirety of the game and the DS hardware this isn't going to go anywhere besides an attempt at making a few levels.
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Posted on 02-12-18, 09:15 pm

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Showing off a titlescreen and some hud edits that rather look like video edits isn't something that would catch my attention...
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Posted on 02-12-18, 09:34 pm
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This. Notice how they don't fade in/out properly with the rest of the screen during transitions.

They superimposed NSMBWii soundtracks and graphics over what is otherwise a video of vanilla NSMBDS.
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