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Posted on 11-29-17, 09:52 am (rev. 2 by thereturnofdoritosxD on 08-18-18, 09:53 am)

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I wanted to de-rust my hacking knowledge by remaking a level of mine to make it more interesting and spacious, when I realized views weren't working as I wanted them to. Like in here:

The camera should be going upwards with Mario, as the view is way above those coins he just collected. See, even the piranha plant is as concerned as I am!

The only way to move the camera upwards would be by using vines; but again, it stays locked in the same area, if Mario touches to the ground. Plus, I don't really want to make this level full of vines.

I may have remembered how to fix this in the past, but right now...I don't really know how views work, or the "Camera controllers" sprites for that matter. Any help?
Posted on 11-29-17, 02:35 pm
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Tick the vertical scroll box in the view
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Posted on 11-29-17, 08:09 pm (rev. 5 by thereturnofdoritosxD on 11-29-17, 08:26 pm)

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Huh, there isn't any "vertical scroll" box. Maybe because I'm using an older version of the editor (b356)?

Edit: Yup, it's only available in the newer versions. Thanks  Arceus
Also, is there any guide on the "camera controllers" sprites and the options on the view menu? Sorry if I'm asking too much.
Posted on 11-29-17, 10:20 pm
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The sprite database and the search function will probably answer most of your questions.
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