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Level Names
World 1
Level - Japanese - English - Any other notes
1-1 - Fazal Din - [One Man Army]
1-2 - Tanegashima - [At The Barrel's Mercy]
1-3 - Kankanedo - [In the cave]
1-T - Inuyama Castle - [Up the Old Castle]
1-4 - Togetsumuri Revenge - [Snailcorns Fight]
1-5 - Toranomon Hills - [The Fight in the Sky]
1-C - Hitonomi Castle - [Another Castle We Fight]
1-A - Mekong River - [Through the River]

World 2
2-1 - Yotsuya Kaidan - [A Revenge]
2-2 - Hana-chan's Furaito [Wiggler Fight]
2-3 - Atarashī jigoku [Plumber's Hell]
2-4 - Shabani's Climb [Garilla Climb]
2-T - Black Snake's Revenge [Find Gold Through Tar]
2-5 - Atarashī urutorasutā [New Ultra Star]
2-6 - Birkwood Castle [A Haunted Castle]
2-C - Aokigahara [Suicide Forest]

World 3
3-1 - Mount Tsurugi - [Up The Deadly Mountain]
3-2 - Shinjimasu - [Mind Over Matter]
3-T - Hirohito - [Fight The Dead King]

Other Levels
3-4 Credits - [Credits]
3-5 Warp to World 5

Most Recent Video

No demo

Level design: Joe Smo
ASM help: NSMBHD Community

Percent Done
World 1 - 90%
World 2 - 75%
World 3 - 60%
Overworld - 05%
Misc - 50%

I am sorry to say, but the game will no longer be worked on by me. The game will be able to be downloaded below. If anyone would like to continue on the project, feel free, but for now I will not be adding anything new to the game.

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Oh god. I already get dizzy by only looking at this

Also please do not use spoilers as containers.
If you really need a black box for stuff do:

<div style="background-color: #000; color: #FFF; padding: 10px;"> Stuff that needs a black box goes here </div>

Also for images you should use the imgs tags instead of the normal img ones. That way you can even have more than one image in a row and you get a nice gallery
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Oh hey you finally posted it here! As before this hack looks amazing and hope it gets some popularity for being unique (at least in NSMBDS) Couple suggestions though, 1. Being able to spawn toad houses to get items will be pretty bad as people can then cheese the game, I'd see if there's a way to use ASM hacks to disable that (pretty sure there are) 2. The munchers you put in some of your levels, well there are some ASM hacks to make them animated so the level looks better! Overall hack looks amazing.
Posted on 01-05-18, 01:32 am
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Oh God. KAIZO. I absolutely hate kaizo. Other than my lack of skills to play kaizo games this game looks OK and well executed. Keep up the good work. Who knows, maybe I will do a Rage-through when the demo comes out.
Working on something.
Posted on 02-02-18, 12:38 am
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Is this hack dead? I hope not, just want to know if progress is being made.
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The hack is not dead, but I have slowed down work on it. I'm currently around half way done with the tower level. Once I finish that level I will do a few touch ups and probably release it.
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Looks pretty good so far. I really like it.

I'm currently working on an easy kaizo hack for my friend. But there are few problems you seem to have to:
- No animated munchers (is animation even possible in jyotyu?)
- No infinite lives, for the try-error gameplay which we all know from SMW

Sadly enough I couldnt find any help in terms of ASM hacking, and disabling lives doesnt sound like an impossible thing to do.
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