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Posted on 10-03-17, 07:23 pm

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This form is a form.


and i was last on here 3 years ago. -> That feels like a long time but on paper is a short amount of time.

i remeber they where testing out a new layout. -> I dont know how that went.

I have negative karma. -> I dont know what that means or how i gotten it

I have 2 posts till next rank. -> i dont know what to post.

i dont know what else to say. -> i will end this now.

another forum i was on was 3dspedia. -> It is now called ninten pedia.

I just realized i spelt forum as form at the top. -> I will leave it because im lazy.

Will i ever need this forum in the future. -> I dont know lets just see what the future holds.


What are your thoughts?...
Posted on 10-04-17, 06:43 pm
It's not "J" its pronounced y, like Yakratzhu, and the "Zh" is pronouced like in czech

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my thoughts are this thread should go to the different dimensional trash can
rush b сука блять
Posted on 10-07-17, 08:24 am
a derp, no surprise

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>unnecessary thread
>no common sense
>offtopic af

yeah this should go to the different dimensional trash can.
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* maorninja has quit (Quit: Leaving) <Firecharge64> probably he has derp things to do
Posted on 10-10-17, 11:37 am
Red Paragoomba

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INB4 trashed, but seriously what is the point of this thread? Are you trying to be philosophical or something, also no wonder you have negative karma
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