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Posted on 09-23-17, 03:47 am

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Please help, i'm using desmume, and I'm trying to play level 1-4 which I have just got done editing, and now whenever I try to play it, it turns black and I can't see anything. Please help me.
Posted on 09-23-17, 06:12 am
That MvL Hacker

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could you post your level? You may have something wrong in the lvl causing a crash
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Posted on 12-21-17, 09:36 pm
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Hmmm... yeah, probably a level issue like  Ndymario said. Do all the unedited levels work?
Posted on 12-22-17, 05:04 am
Larry Koopa
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um, mind telling us what you edited that you think potentially caused this?

we can't exactly guess what's in your level, and a crash can be caused by various things.
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