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Posted on 08-24-17, 10:56 pm
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Anyone know where you could find a good course for C++? I heard it's pretty good for making games and that people use it on here for ASM hacks (or maybe I'm an idiot) Anyways any good sites out there to learn about it or ASM coding? Want to learn with literally zero experience (except for a javascript mini course I did who knows how long ago)
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"Want to learn [C++/ASM] with literally zero experience"

That won't work properly. It's like trying to draw a picture without knowing how to use a pen. Not impossible but unlikly.
Learn an easier coding language before C++. I suggest C# as it is at least a bit close to C/C++ syntax.

"people use it [C++] on here for ASM hacks"

That is plainly wrong. ASM is ASM. C++ is compiled down to ARM at some point. You cannot ASM hack with C++. And without any ARM knowledge you will be able to do absolutly nothing as you wont be able to understand how the game works.

So go ahead and learn an easy coding language. Then learn C++. For both there are a shitton tutorials on the internet, youtube and tons of good books. And THEN you can look into ARM ASM (by looking at the pinned tuts in the ASM forum).

Remember that going thru all this takes a lot of time and if you don't need coding for anything else than hacking one Mario game it's probably not worth going thru it.
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Posted on 09-01-17, 11:41 am
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Don't learn C++ first. It is very hard from what I have heard.

I have started looking into C# and to be fair, it isn't that hard if you have a bit of code understanding.
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Posted on 09-01-17, 12:33 pm
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So you don't know C++, yet you somehow know enough to claim it's 'very hard'?
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