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Posted on 07-30-17, 08:01 pm
Red Paragoomba

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Posted on 07-30-17, 08:07 pm

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Dirbaio uses a LetsEncrypt Hipster certificate.

These go old pretty quickly. Dirbaio made something to renew it automatically but that apparently shits itself.

Just accept that invalid cert for now before Dirbaio fixes it (that could take a while).
Or just set your date back if you are absolutely lazy.

And close your tabs.
And don't break the website with large images aka use imgs instead of img.
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Posted on 07-31-17, 10:31 pm
That MvL Hacker

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If you set your date back, chrome won't let you go online (or at least when I do it)
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Posted on 07-31-17, 10:54 pm
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it's fixored
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