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Posted on 07-19-17, 02:21 pm (rev. 4 by Rafa4k(sk4) on 10-07-17, 03:38 am)

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Hi guys i bring you my new super super mario 64 ds hack

Since the beginning of 2016 I came working on this hack

I was very inspired by skelux and skawo and so I decided to make this hack because I loved programming and doing levels and everything else ....

New Trailer

OLD Trailer


(Editor Screnshots)

The Download link of the beta is here

Super Mario The New Beginning Beta:1.3

Xdelta patch:

And it's only beta but in the future I'll fix all the errors and more

Current Progress: 40,5%

(Previews Now is Two)

Just for R4 users

Hope you enjoy
Posted on 07-19-17, 04:22 pm (rev. 1 by  HD Erick Games on 07-19-17, 04:22 pm)
Red Paratroopa
Someone who speaks Portuguese

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Seems very promissing
Posted on 08-13-17, 03:11 pm
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This hack looks really good, and I think it deserves more attention. Are those stage models completely custom? (The snow and beach ones)
Posted on 08-13-17, 04:19 pm

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I agree honestly. The models look amazing and this looks actually fun.

Yeah, they look custom (but I can't say for sure).
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