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Posted on 05-04-17, 12:37 am
That MvL Hacker

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My main thing for this is that something pops-up if someone types "How do I...", that would allow people to be told abt the search function before posting (kinda like being Ninja'd).


P.S.- Before you say people should know better, it might be they didn't know abt the search function (Kinda hidden IMO).
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Posted on 05-04-17, 10:56 am
Once upon a time there was a tiger.

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The search page isn't exactly hidden. Sure, you can be unaware of its use, but come on.

Even without the search function, there's that thing called manual search.

Your suggestion sounds tricky to implement IMO, and might be more of a hindrance than anything in the end.
Posted on 05-04-17, 11:18 am (rev. 1 by RicBent on 05-04-17, 04:17 pm)

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Yup, too much effort for a really not that usefull thing.

Also would distract you when typing normally.

Edit: And please put simple suggestions like this one in this thread:
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