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Posted on 02-18-17, 09:15 pm
I Am Not Inteligent

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So, I finished made this sometime ago, but there's the problem that the text on the buttons won't fully display. I've wanted to ask  Dirbaio, but…
If there are other issues, please report them.

More info about the translation:
  • It's complete, including the translation for the “NEEDS TRANSLATION” fields and the new revisions' tile behaviours.
  • There is more specification in the descriptions plus some I added. Ie, every pipe with “UnBreakable pipe” as description is now more specific (eg, “Unbreakable green pipe facing up”, but in Spanish, of course) and some tiles will now have descriptions.
  • Implemented these two tile behaviours, which may be useful, in my opinion.
  • No grammar errors.

I think that's it. Enjoy, Hispanophones.

I could not…
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