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Posted on 01-09-17, 10:45 pm (rev. 1 by  Ndymario on 01-09-17, 10:46 pm)
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As the title says, it would be neet if you could setup notifications via an email address, not needing an irc chat. Or a "watched forum" button

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Posted on 01-10-17, 01:14 am
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Email adress??

I believe most people use thier email for useful stuff, not something like this...

And, why bother when you could just have said notifications directly on the board, or alternatively just.. check said threads?
If someone needed an urgent reply, they'd PM you or something.

Sorry for being harsh, but in my honest opinion, the idea is off.
Posted on 01-10-17, 02:12 am
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on one hand, email notifications are nice esp. for things you don't check often

on the other hand, it spams your inbox
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Posted on 01-10-17, 02:50 am
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I never use my emails buuuuut

how2 make a tray notification when there's a new post
hey look, I did a thing
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