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Hello.I am new here,excuse me if this is no the place to post it ,i am no sure

I have created this thread because i would discuss about the posibility of use the new mario movements which Nintendo has created for "Super Mario Run".
(the game,in my view,is a kind of "demo" for make people buy Nintendo devices for play real mario games,but the new movement are nice)

The game has been created with Unity,and they are diferent tools to extract its datasheets.
i download the demo with iTunes and make some tests.

i have succesfull with AssetsBundleExtractor 2.0 ;i was able to export the textures (the original are pvr format) but i had some problem with the model-bones .
The program let you see the info about this and also they are a pluggin to export to obj format but it has problem with the animation's files.

here they are a link of the program:

The kind of files useful from the game are :

Texture2d (the textures which can be exported to tga)


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roadrunnerwmc has a git or gist on his github for a SMR format too. presumebly for one that isnt a generic file
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