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Posted on 12-31-16, 10:45 am
Roy Koopa
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I know it's become a trashy meme to hate on 2016 for shit, but I don't care.

2016 has definitely been the worst year of the 10's for me, so far. Here's a little story regarding why.

I've been reviewing games and movies for a few years now, but as I'm not paid money for my contributions (my 'pay' is that I get to keep the items I review) I had been on unemployment pay (we call it 'the dole' in Australia) since I finished high school in 2012.

Because I hadn't been able to get an official, paid job, I was made to start a 'work for the dole' program, in which I was bound to work 25 hours a week doing dodgy work (which was a place where they send convicts for community service) for six months, unless I could gain employment in that time.

Now, the problem with this is that the work for the dole program is designed to be as unpleasant as possible to compel 'dole bludgers' (one who avoids work for unemployment 'benefits') to get off their ass and get a job- by occupying four whole days of their week, thus minimizing the time people can spend actively seeking employment.

This job was dodgy as fuck. My main job was to disassemble old, returned coffee machines and sort out the parts for recycling. These coffee machines were often spider-infested and/or filled with dirty water. Redback spiders are the Australian equivalent of a Black Widow- they're poisonous and aggressive. My PPE for the job? A pair of plastic disposable gloves.

There were a number of other jobs in this workshop, too. One was unravelling copper coils that came out of the machines -probably the cushiest job in the shop- which was always occupied by the lazy stoners. I shit you not, these guys would come to work with pupils so dilated it's a wonder they could see in the light.

Did I mention that the place was filled with asbestos? Yeah, no joke. When I was welcomed into the workshop, I was warned not to go anywhere near the house out back because of the asbestos in the air. On the roof of the workshop? Asbestos. "Nah, it's ok. It's undisturbed, so it's safe."

Yeah ok. Then WorkSafe has a surprise inspection. That shit was not safe. The place was shut down for nearly three weeks. When it reopened- there was dust everywhere, and we had to clean it up. So if it turns out that later in life, I learn that I have Asbestosis and will probably suffocate to death some time in my autumn years, I can blame 2016.

2016 is also the year I found out my uncle has lung cancer, it's terminal, and the doctor's given him a year at best. That was a couple months ago now, we honestly don't know how long he has left. He's spending more time in the hospital than at home these days. The other day, they also found cancer in his spine, as well as crust forming in his lungs.

My pop's showing symptoms of Parkinson's disease, and my auntie attempted suicide earlier this week.

All in all, pretty shit year.

But on the bright side of things:
-I got a real job this year.
-I became admin here this year.
-I joined the Newer Team this year.
-I'm making enough money to gain independence.
-I made a commitment to losing weight this year and succeeded- 41 kilograms (90 pounds), at ideal weight for the first time ever.

For 2017, there is nothing but opportunity for me. I would make a New Year's Resolution to next year, but it's never worked before so I rather doubt it...
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Posted on 12-31-16, 11:15 am
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Nothing really happened with me this year. I joined a lot of online communities which I'm not sure how I lived without for 13 years- ROM hacking, etc. 2016 has been alright, super excited for the switch in 2017.

I never did new year's resolutions buuuut there are a few things I hope to do next year:

hey look, I did a thing
Posted on 12-31-16, 11:55 am (rev. 2 by  MarioKart7z on 12-31-16, 11:58 am)

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My new year's resolution is 1920x1080p
...Still can't affort those fancy 4k screens that everyone keeps talking about...

...oh well at least i got a new PC gamepad this year :DDDDDDDD
...and Super Mario Run (sorta)
...and a Datel Powersaves so i can rape MLG1337HAX my 3DS
...and a new 256gb SSD cuz my current 128gb one is full
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Posted on 12-31-16, 12:23 pm

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My New Year's resolution is to get my first ROM Hacking Tool(s) out to the public, finally make a new Blog Software, and get the next big Forum Software's update out.
Well, I don't know what more I can certainly make come true, to be honest.
Posted on 12-31-16, 12:54 pm
Morton Koopa
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What the fuck do you need a 4k screen for. Unless you stare really hard, does it matter so much?

IMO everything pretty much started to go wrong around 2012. I can't list all that though.

This year, my average grades lowered. I'm not even slacking off, I just feel tired all the time.
I had to give up on a bunch of my projects, NSMB ones inclued. I don't do much with NSMB anymore at this point, so I end up not knowing what to do with all the knowledge and resources I piled up over the years.
I can still do stuff for people, but the only thing I truly care about at this point is music hacking.

As year passes, great figures such as Satoru Iwata pass on, which ruins your moral. The same happens in your family, too. Grandparents pass on, and whoever doesn't will grow either senile or get illnesses.
My grandmother can barely see or hear anymore. I don't have grandfathers anymore, and I feel like garbage because I once tried to make a pun right after I told someone about it.
"You don't seem to care, seeing as you joke about it."

Meanwhile, terrorism and riots keep going.

On a brighter note, I finally got a MIDI keyboard this year, and I may start animating in GMod, SFM or MMD. I finally cleaned up my files on this laptop.

2017 will probably be a tad better, but let's not have high exceptations.
Posted on 12-31-16, 03:02 pm

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Happy New Year everyone, it just turned 2017 over here!
Posted on 12-31-16, 03:02 pm
Will never finish a hack

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New years a couple hours ago for us. Happy New Year.
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Posted on 01-12-17, 08:19 pm
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gotten laid yet?
Posted on 01-13-17, 12:34 am
Roy Koopa
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Posted by MarioFanatic64

New Super Mario Bros.: Clone Tag Team 1+2 / New Super Mario Advance + Take 2 / Super Mario: Endless Earth (Coming Soon!)
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Posted on 01-15-17, 01:15 pm
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you reused a post, how truly fucking absolutely lazy.

anyway, 2016 is the year where I moved out of the shithole. it's a nice turn in my life.
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