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Posted on 12-28-16, 01:08 am
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This place is plagued by idiots who make duplicate accounts for no apparent reason. Time for this shit to stop.

To quote the FAQ: Don't register multiple accounts under any circumstances..

If you forgot your password:

* try the password reset feature
* if that doesn't work, contact the staff:  Dirbaio,  Arisotura,  gridatttack,  MarioFanatic64, RicBent -- by email or IRC
* if nothing else works, AS A LAST RESORT MEASURE, you may create a secondary account to contact the staff and ask for a password reset

If you want a new username:

Ask the staff. We can change your username.

If you got banned:

Figure out what is the best thing you can do. Making a new account is the WORST thing you can do if you want to be unbanned.

From now on, any duplicate account we catch will get banned as well as the main account.

If you're an idiot who thinks the best solution is to keep making accounts, we will use IP bans against you.

Thank you.
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