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Posted on 11-23-16, 02:45 am (rev. 1 by  Arisotura on 11-23-16, 05:24 pm)
I Am Not Inteligent

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I could not…
Posted on 11-23-16, 02:50 am
Doesn't actually do anything.

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Fun Fact: Even if you acknowledge it's a shitpost and you posted it on purpose, it's still a shitpost.
Posted on 11-23-16, 12:20 pm
☭ coffee and cream

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you have the originality of the average RVLmoron. seriously though, after the tons of ask threads, are we going to see tons of roast threads?

also, you should use a <hr> tag instead of a long line of dashes that stretches shit.
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Posted on 11-23-16, 12:45 pm
Roy Koopa
The guy who does things.

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I think the best part about StapleButter's roast is that he's completely serious.
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Posted on 11-23-16, 06:59 pm

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Roast me…

nah im good
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