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Posted on 09-19-16, 04:24 pm

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Hi I'm new here and I have a Problem about the Boss Sprites

So I want to make Castle bosses on Towers or other levels

but the game crashes when the boss fight starts

Is there a way to fix this?
Posted on 09-19-16, 04:51 pm

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Posted on 09-19-16, 05:01 pm (rev. 1 by  MarioKart7z on 09-19-16, 05:02 pm)

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inb4 Lakas asks how to install ASM hax
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Posted on 09-20-16, 06:06 am

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If the objective is just enjoy in emulator, a simple copy and paste from other levels works for the problem (See post #50544). However, if the focus is export to an SD/flash card to play on DS/3DS, the ASM, like the kindly offered by master Skawo, will be necessary.

Good hack and be wellcome!

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Posted on 09-20-16, 11:29 am

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The game tends to crash without the particles on an emulator as well, though?
Posted on 09-20-16, 01:00 pm

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It depends... on something.
Posted on 09-27-16, 02:23 pm (rev. 1 by Lakas2 on 09-27-16, 02:25 pm)

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Thanks !

(Well I was stupid enough to forget the password)
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