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Posted on 09-07-16, 01:38 am
That MvL Hacker

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When viewing the site instead of it being NSMBHD>Forum index>... on a Mac it has an A with ^and >> (A^>> [A is under^]), but it never had this problem before.

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Posted on 09-07-16, 06:50 am
Lantern Ghost
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Screenshots? Although you shouldn't really bother with small bugs like this. Dirbaio isn't very active in the community anymore, nor would he likely be interested in a tiny bug like this, exclusive to mac.
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Posted on 09-07-16, 07:02 am
Red Paratroopa
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I think I had this problem a couple of weeks ago, but it's gone for me now.
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Posted on 09-07-16, 03:31 pm
Once upon a time there was a tiger.

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Bad UTF-8 encoding.

I already reported this, but just press CTRL F5 and it's gone for a while.

Alternatively, don't use Chrome.
Posted on 01-08-17, 12:15 am
Super Mario
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Yep, this was bad utf8 in the CSS. Fixed by using an html entity a while ago.
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