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Posted on 09-03-16, 12:09 pm (rev. 2 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:23 am)

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Some weeks ago I felt that my good old SNES controller needs to be a bit more played on.

So last week I made a little Arduino/C# programm that let's you use your SNES gamepad with your PC!

As you can see it updates really fast so you don't have to worry about any slowdown

Connect the GND and 5V to the corresponding pins of your Ardiono and put Data, Latch and Clock on three different Digital pins.

SNES Controller Pinout:
________________________ / | | G N N | D L C 5 | \________________________| G = GND N = Nothing D = Data L = Latch C = Clock 5 = 5V

Now you only have to change these lines in SnesPadIno.ino to the digital pins you use:
#define DATA_PIN 5 #define LATCH_PIN 6 #define CLOCK_PIN 7

Just upload the script to your Arduino and install vJoy.

Then open vJoyConf.exe and set the Button amount of vJoy Device #1 to 8 and the POV amout to 1 and the mode to Continious.

Finally start SnesPad.exe and have fun using your SNES gamepad

Thanks to TacticalCode for the Aruino SNES library and vJoy for their awesome gamepad emulating driver.

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Posted on 09-03-16, 01:01 pm

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Or, you could just use a SNES-to-USB adaptor...
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Posted on 09-03-16, 01:23 pm

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That is boring tho
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Posted on 09-06-16, 11:46 am
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Or go even simpler and get a SNES styled USB controller.

I've got a GC one that works great.
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Posted on 12-18-17, 10:00 pm

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Yeaaaaaaah, I tried that same Arduino method awhile back, never turned out well. At least I still got an ol' SNES to play on.

And nice job on the C++ intertwining with Arduino code. (which i think is C?) I also tried that, and got some pretty neat results, but after a needed wipe, that's long gone.
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