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Posted on 07-18-16, 02:41 pm (rev. 6 by  Hiccup on 07-24-16, 09:45 am)

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I've been trying to think of an ASM hack to request that wouldn't be isn't extremly ridiculous, but would be very useful. So far, I've come up with some unoriginal suggestions, all from Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. They are in order of "usefulness":
* Tile spawner/destroyer can create any object from any tileset. This would let you
** Spawn objects like coins and ? blocks like you can in later games
** Reconfigure ground on command - useful for secrets and cool effects
** Create pseudo "YI-style hidden areas" by using it in conjuction with the location-watching flag controller
* "Magic Platform". This is a sprite that lets you create a moving platform out of tileobjs you select with a location. This is probably quite difficult.
* "Actor Spawner. sprite/s that lets you spawn any any actor:
** at level start
** when an event is activated
** at regular intervals
This would let you make pipe/ceiling-hole spawners for different enemies. Maybe it could be a mod of the pipe enemy generator? To control the nybbles of the spawned sprite it could look at a dummy sprite put outside spawn-range in the level, placed straight after the level designer places the Actor Spawner, or it could look at a config file in the NitroFS or extra data added to the level header
* Give all sprites path/line movement functions? This may be difficult, I dunno.
* Make it so you can't seem Mario coming out the bottom/top of 1/2 width high up/down facing pipes.
* Setting for the pump + clogged pipe actor to make the clogged pipe not spawn. Optional: change amount of times the pump can be pressed and have it display a countdown number.
* Setting for Snake Blocks to make it make no sound so having a bunch of snake blocks isn't too loud, and so it is like NSMB2.

I'm going to be honest. This thread is basically "MeroMero (or someone else) please do this", but I won't be annoyed if you don't/can't do any/all this.
Posted on 07-18-16, 03:09 pm (rev. 2 by  skawo on 07-18-16, 03:12 pm)

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1) Can only be accomplished by taking tiles out of a location and redrawing them at sprite's coords. There isn't enough nybbles to do it otherwise.
2) Ha.
3) This should be easy, minus the nybbles part.
4) This would be rather difficult.
Posted on 07-18-16, 06:11 pm

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1) Good point. And yeah, that'd be an okay way to do it.
2) I thought I remembered Treeki or something saying Magic Platform was a pain, but I wasn't sure.
3) Yeah... I guess it could work like NewerWiis by only letting you control some nybbles.
4) I see.
Posted on 07-19-16, 09:05 am
Will never finish a hack

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Maybe you should hack in yoshi Kappa

I'm sorry. What about something like spinning blocks like those round spinning platforms in 1-1 in NSMBWii.
hey look, I did a thing
Posted on 07-19-16, 10:49 am

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That'd require customized/new collision and rotating graphics code, which I'd guess would be difficult
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