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Posted on 07-12-16, 04:05 pm

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Hello guys, this is my first post. I'm not even sure if I'm posting on the right section, but I had an idea for a remake of the original Mario Bros. If you don't know what it is, search up "Original Mario Bros." Anything else doesn't work, it's very specific. Anyways, I had the idea of remaking the game in the NSMB style. New animations, new coding, new everything. This is probably already a thing, but I bet if we join together, we could make it better.
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Posted on 07-12-16, 05:11 pm
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A remake of the 1980s game "Super Mario Bros." has already been made by griddattack. Just saying.
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the fact that some idiot already decided to lower his/her karma is pathetic.

that system is messed up tbh, just saying
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Posted on 02-04-17, 02:51 pm
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Posted by Hiccup
A remake of the 1980s game "Super Mario Bros." has already been made by griddattack. Just saying.

I think that he/she is referring to this one...
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Posted on 02-04-17, 07:17 pm
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Yep. It was already recreated in the Super Mario Advance series, though.

And I heard those were available on virtual console for wiiu or whatever. Never checked for myself.

You could replicate it to a certain degree, but IMO it would not be much worth it, unless done really well.
Posted on 02-04-17, 11:24 pm
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