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Posted on 05-29-16, 04:51 pm (rev. 1 by yellowwinner on 09-21-16, 11:20 pm)

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The Discord Chat has been removed.
Please delete this post
Also if anyone has a hacking group I would love to join
Posted on 05-29-16, 05:03 pm

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I had a type of discord-server for nsmbhd in mind for a long time. But I don't think there are that much people using Discord...
Posted on 05-29-16, 05:07 pm
Once upon a time there was a tiger.

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You posted the same thread on NSMBHD and RVLution.

If there's one thing I learnt over time, it's not to lump the people from both sites together.
Posted on 05-29-16, 09:44 pm (rev. 1 by  cros107 on 05-29-16, 09:44 pm)
Will never finish a hack

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I for one use discord, and probably quite a few others. It is extremely popular among gamers (which we all are), and growing pretty rapidly.

Also the invite has expire. :p
hey look, I did a thing
Posted on 06-03-16, 12:46 am
Banned for being a complete retard.

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Huh... It's a discord thread,isn't it? Well... I'm compelled to say there is a "discord" in my opinion. Once people look for the NSMBHD forum to discord or concord about Mario hacks, the discord chat seems to me a discord. By the way, I think that NSMBHD already have an IRC chat server for everybody who wants make a good discord there.
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