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Posted on 05-12-16, 09:48 pm (rev. 5 by PablosCorner on 08-05-17, 07:08 pm)

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The Team:

-Added a german translation
-Fixed some inconveniences, such as warps.

SMWCentral Mirror (Patching Required)
Origami64 Mirror

This is Sonic Adventure 64! A mod of Super Mario 64 where you can play Sonic Adventure stages in Super Mario 64 and you can even play as Sonic!

More details to come soon as the mod is developed.


Posted on 05-13-16, 01:34 pm
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Nice! I've never seen Sonic playable in SM64 before, but can you choose to play as Mario or Sonic, or just Sonic?
Posted on 05-13-16, 05:17 pm

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Its just sonic.
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My Hack (whoops link is fixed now):
Posted on 08-05-17, 05:36 am

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Designed box art for the hack, what do you guys think?

(Also, Emerald Coast is still being worked on. Was able to reduce a lot of polys, but more work needs to be done.)
Posted on 08-05-17, 05:58 am

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I leik it, although, it could look a bit more 90's-ish so it'd fit the original N64 design.

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