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Posted on 12-05-16, 08:55 am
Nipper Plant

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Well, 1-Tower's done! I was gonna post a OST, but I couldn't because the tower theme hates me atm. It should be out 'soon'
Posted on 12-07-16, 08:20 pm, deleted by  Arceus: Not the place to ask that
Posted on 12-07-16, 09:57 pm (rev. 1 by  Wario on 12-07-16, 09:58 pm)

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this is what i call a ''high quality hack '' ,looks so good *-* can't wait to play it !!
Posted on 12-12-16, 10:59 am, deleted by RicBent: Nope
Posted on 12-21-16, 11:17 pm, deleted by RicBent: Yeah no.
Posted on 12-21-16, 11:24 pm
Normal user

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I Agree This Game Have Great Graphics. Why does he Not work For Nintendo.

Great work cant wait For Release.
Posted on 01-11-17, 10:05 pm, deleted by  Arisotura
Posted on 01-11-17, 11:15 pm (rev. 1 by newluigidev on 01-11-17, 11:17 pm)
Nipper Plant

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Well, the mod is still being worked on. I kinda lost interest after people like Pikaboy16 and his re-regs were constantly asking for the ROM. As long as the above comments don't keep on happening and Pikaboy16 and his clones don't keep asking for the ROM (although he has all of this 'talent' as he so calls it), you can expect a World 1 demo pretty soon
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