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Hey Guys,

You maybe know my NSMB Hack but this time I'm releasing a hack of Pokémon Diamond just because it's my favorite game of all time. I first thought of making just a difficult hack for private playing but maybe some of you are also interested in playing this (I don't force you ^^)

General Information
You need a Pokémon Diamond (U) ROM as base and for patching xDeltaUI.
I started this ~11.2014

- 60 FPS!
- a completely new arenasystem which isn't based on different types anymore
- a highly increased difficulty
- some graphical changes (new trainers)
- updated every stats of Pokémon and attacks to Gen 6 values.
- One new attack (Ice Ball)

The new Arenasystem
The Arenas aren't based on types anymore. Instead of that the Gym Leaders use special Pokémon which have got special Characteristics. For example the second Gym Leader uses Pokémon with a high Spec. Attack value, the 6th Badge is specialized on "pretty" Pokémon like Milotic.
This reduces the predictability of the gyms and makes them harder.

Some trainers and Ice Ball in action

An example Arena fight (outdatet):

The Elite 4:
(Warning Spoiler)

Click me

If you have got ideas for improvements or find bugs just let me know ^^

Super Mario Bros. - The New Worlds | Full release
Pokémon Shining Diamond | Full release

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The galaxies are Infinite !

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Great job !
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinium are the bests pokemon games for me <3 !
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