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Hello everyone!

The main project I'm working on right now is called New Super Mario Bros. Wii: RiiMIXED. However, I'm also working on this: NSMBWii RiiMIXED: Anniversary Special!


Anniversary Special, like RiiMIXED, features single-player focused levels based off of areas from awesome games both old and new. Each world in the game will celebrate an anniversary. World 1, for example, celebrates the 30th anniversary of Super Mario with remixed levels based off of it's games. However, only the levels that have Secret Exits in NSMBWii will have Secret Exits in this game. Princess Peach's Castle, the Warp Cannon levels, Toad House redesigns, and Enemy Courses (EC's have a tiny little difference) are the same as the ones I am making for RiiMIXED.

Game Updates



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Thanks for reading!

Gamer Boy
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