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Posted on 08-17-15, 05:32 pm
Buster Beetle
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This isn't really a ROM, but this thread is about mods made for a mod for the Doom Engine

Here are my misc making for that fangame I literally adore.

Using Linedef Executors and SOCs together, I was able to create a Sonic 3-ish cutscene in the game.
There isn't anything really special about it compared to the next thing though.

The next version of the game is gonna feature slopes, what a good idea of taking a leaked exe file and using Magic Lua scripting to make the sprites rotate with the slope they're on! This is the idea of Sunset Slops Zone 1, a 2D Sunset Hill Zone-like level where I experiment and mess around with slopes; a thing that I've never done before! Though, it ends up in an extremely nice way!

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