Mario or Luigi? I prefer Luigi for this idea.
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Posted on 04-30-15, 08:31 pm (rev. 3 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:15 am)

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In this hack Luigi returns as the only and main character to collect the Dark Moon , but this time not because of King Boo (Maybe you could), but at a usual enemy, Bowser, but in truth this time Skelobowser!

Various screenshots!

This is not a hack, but a Mini-Hack!

1- Clare Moon World. No Boss in this world (this world is so named because it's easy).
2- Dark Moon World. A boss at the end of every level (except one level).
Of course, both worlds have a theme based on a spooky swamp.





Posted on 04-30-15, 10:05 pm

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Looks cool but I got stuck after the ghost house part of W1-1.
Posted on 04-30-15, 10:17 pm

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The logo and name are both taken from NSLW: DM

Please make your own logo & name (or at least credit us) :\
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Argl. Don't just fucking go around taking peoples' things and not even crediting them.

You took the logo, the ideas, the Gold Moon idea AND sprite and maybe even some more things, from NSLW:DM.
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I'm sorry to be blunt, but this has to be said.

You haven't credited other peoples' work- and this includes blatant thievery of someone else's content. We don't tolerate that here.

You're trying to cram way too much detail into NSMB's very limited graphical capabilities. That's why they look so corrupted and well, ugly.

Your level design is probably the best thing. If you keep at it and try to make your designs better, or even try to emulate the style of another level designer, I see no reason that you can't become a respected level designer. You just need to work on the flaws of this hack before you proceed with the project.

Also, it occurs to me that you're juggling two projects at once, and both of them are very primitive as far as completion. BAD IDEA.
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Looks to me like it is coming along nicely! I've always had a thing for spooky-themed hacks for some reason, and this looks particularly good! I will likely download and play it later today at some point!

I voted for Luigi!

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Posted on 05-27-15, 01:25 pm

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Looks to me like it is coming along nicely!
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