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Posted on 04-15-15, 07:57 pm (rev. 1 by  MeroMero on 04-15-15, 10:22 pm)
Death by cuteness

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Rather than C/P my own tutorial again, I'm going to link to this page instead:

EDIT: Sorry about the previous video, it didn't held my quality standard, yet uploaded it anyways.
This one is much better and doesn't chop half the frames (most notably Extrasensory's animation).

Fairy-type in action, nothing too fancy:
Posted on 04-17-15, 02:32 pm
Buster Beetle
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Welp it's pretty neat (as you did with SS) but there isn't much in it for the momment.
I think the main problem with this kind of mod is that it would require to create new moves to handle ones like Moonblast. As I'm not really in Pokemon hacking, I have absolutely no idea about if you can even make this.
Anyway I wish you luck with this!
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Posted on 04-17-15, 03:53 pm
Death by cuteness

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Adding new moves is on a whole another level, look at this:

See how it is volatile?
And even then this is only partial (like the Fairy-type BTW)
Well Gen V code is overall a tougher nut to crack than Gen IV, so no surprise here.

About new moves, hmmm… how about giving a new life to moves that could be easily forgotten otherwise?
Like I did on my SS mod, for example I would turn Extrasensory into a Fairy 90 BP move with 20% chance of flinching instead of 10.

Thanks for the encouragements, it really is appreciated
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