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Oh my gosh! A new a new Nintendo console... Already?.... Let me explain:

It was 3 years when the Wii U was released. There were mixed opinions on the console, but it became one of Nintendo's worst selling consoles. Well... technically not a bad console. It was pretty powerful. EarthBound is even on the virtual console so that's a +
There's a new Legend of Zelda game coming out on the Wii U though it may be less likely.
And now I think your dying to hear about this new console and what it's name is. Ladies and Forum Members, Nintendo gives us the NeXt console "Nintendo NX".

The console is unknown what it does! I keep confusing it with other stuff like Nintendo is going to make mobile games. So let's what for like xxx years or more. I'll have to edit it a few times.
If you want to learn more here's a few articles of the console:,28884.html
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This has been confirmed already so we know this earlier before you post it. Also, Nintendo is finally going to make Mobile Games, all thanks to DeNA as they both have collab for this and NX will be a surprise as Iwata confirmed and will change Gamer's Life. The new Zelda game will be for the Wii U and because it needs a lot of work, it has been delayed until 2016 and it will not being shown on E3 2015.
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Beware endless micro transactions.

Just see that 'free' pokemon puzzle game.

I'm hoping for some games which are buy once, no ads or micro transactions.

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I'll believe it when I see it.

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This was a given. It's not too early.

Assuming NX will be announced next year, and released in 2017, that means the Wii U had a five-year life span. That's average for any Nintendo console.
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