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According to several sources, a recent email leak from Sony Pictures has suggested that Nintendo and Sony have almost closed a deal to give Sony the rights to produce an animated Mario film.


The project is said to be lead by Avi Arad, who flew to Tokyo to make negotiations with Iwata and Miyamoto. Apparently in the emails there are pictures of Avi with Iwata and Miyamoto. There could even be potential for it to become a film series.

I, for one am a fan of the 1993 Live Action Super Mario Bros. movie, which is generally considered an atrocity. I'd never accept it as canon in any reality but it was a fun take on the world of the Mario franchise as of 1993. Before that, there was a Japan-exclusive anime Mario film that was somehow even weirder but stayed closer to the source material.

So if this does end up happening, I'll be stoked. I've always said that is they produced a CG Mario movie in the style of Super Mario Galaxy's cutscenes, I'd go see it about seven times and buy the Special Edition Blu-Ray on Day One. And if this turns out to become a series, perhaps adapting games like Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy to the big screen it could end up being even more exciting.

What's really interesting about this is that it's Sony of all companies who wants to work with a Nintendo IP for a movie. It's like having four Mario and Sonic crossover games... wait.

I want to hear people's thoughts about this.
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Well, OK cool! But wait... Are Nintendo and Sony still rivals?
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Sony do have departments other than video games.
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Well, OK cool! But wait... Are Nintendo and Sony still rivals?

Nintendo in Belgium even has Sony TV's, in their Game Rooms.
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It's hard to believe considering what's been going on with Sony recently, but it still sounds cool.
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Well, OK cool! But wait... Are Nintendo and Sony still rivals?

Lol. I thought this too.
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