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Download :

Nothing impressive, but it should cover the basics.

The tile with the 84 inside is the tile where the sprite is positioned.
Vertical / horizontal black line is the vertical / horizontal axis (duh).
If width = 0, the leftmost and rightmost tiles will be colored (infinite width).
If height = 0, the topmost and bottommost tiles will be colored (infinite height).
Scrapped width is actually zoom right / 32 rounded down.

Width and height accept values between 0 and 15 included.
Both zoom accept values between 0 and 255 included. Modulo 32 is applied afterwards.

Theoretically if height / width is set to infinite you should be able to activate the zoom from anywhere while you're in the red zone; in practice the zoom will activate only if you are close enough from the sprite (10 tiles max or so while you are in the red zone).
So yes you may need to put multiple zoom sprites if your level layout demands it.

Yes this is an .html file (shame on me), because I can't make a real program for shit
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Didn't you send this to me a long time a go?

I still have it, I only just noticed
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I usually use the zoom sprite without any help (learned by praticing), but I might still give this a try.

It looks good from what I can see in the screenhot. Nice job.
Posted on 11-29-14, 01:39 am
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Something like this implemented into NSMBe would be cool.
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I don't really get why there are a red zone and a green zone in this program (or: *.html file ). Does the zoom sprite make two zoom-zones next to each other?
Posted on 07-22-16, 10:51 am
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Simple Example of Zoom Sprite behavior:

If a newbie still have a problem to understand the behavior of the Zoom sprite,
here is a simple example for a basic use of Zoom in a level.
Of course, it's not have the purpose to make you a "Master of Zoom", but help to start.
At the end of this post, you can download this level example.

The Pic 1 and 2 show how the Zoom sprite is activated. When Mario pass to the right side of the pole, the Zoom camera open the area around and shrink the screen. Mario and all object is smallest then the normal size. Tip: Keep in mind to use a good space in the view, to get a better effect when use the zoom sprite. If you use small views the effect could not happen because a lack of space or make the screen tremble.

The Pic 3 and 4 show how you stop the Zoom effect, putting other Zoom sprite more to the right side of your level, where you want go to normal zoom. You don't need to put other Zoom sprite to change again to normal zoom, but the player will be with a zoom unless you enter in a pipe and change the view or finish the level. The idea is the same. The user just need invert the configs of the sprite.

Here is a video to show the behavior of Zoom (Sprite 84) in action. Sorry the bad quality (hardware limitations).

NSMB Editor - Working with Zoom

Duration: 57 seconds

Download level example:

[] -P
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