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> Copypasted from RVLution and slightly edited to fit HTML5!



Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a 3D puzzle game being developed for the Nintendo Wii U by Nintendo, also being published by Nintendo. It can only be played by using the Wii U GamePad controller. It is the second video game where Toad is the main character (the first being Wario's Woods). The game is based off the The Adventures of Captain Toad levels from the 3D video game Super Mario 3D World.

Release Dates

Japan: November 13, 2014
United States: December 5, 2014
Spain: January 2, 2015
Europe: January 9, 2015
Australia: January 10, 2015


Ant Trooper - Walks on walls, floors and ceilings, can be bounced on
Ball 'n' Chains - Spike Ball which spins around hanging from a chain
Biddybud - Usually found in groups, can be seen walking around on floors
Boo - Flies around chasing the player slowly. When player looks at a Boo, it will cover its' face and will stop chasing said player until player looks somewhere else
Big Boo - Functions exactly like Boo except bigger
Cat Bullet Bill - Locks into player when it spots one and follows player like a Missile Bill but cannot travel vertically
Cat Goomba - A Goomba in cat form. Attacks by jumping and diving down.
Chargin' Chuck - A sports-playing Koopa. Attacks by charging into the player
Charvaargh - A Blargg/Magmaargh-like enemy who attacks by jumping out of lava
Cheep-Cheep - Swims around minding its' own business
Conkdor: A bird enemy who attacks by slamming its' beak on the ground
Hammer Bro.: Jumps around throwing hammers at the player
Fire Bro.: Jumps around spitting/throwing fireballs at the player
Flaptor: Flies in the air, when player gets under a Flaptor it slams the ground with its' butt and can only be defeated while its' on the ground
Goomba: Charge into the player
Goomba Tower: A tower of Goombas which also...charge at the player, and are hard to defeat because of the fact that Captain Toad/Toadette can't jump
Magikoopa: Teleports around and summons magicy spelly thingies
Para-Biddybud: Usually found in groups (again), can be seen flying around in the air
Peepa: Can be seen...just staying in a stationary position, chillin'...They can also be seen moving around.
Piranha Creeper: Pisses player off by snaking around the ground/the air in various patterns, can be stomped on head to shorten the snakey-thingy
Piranha Plant: On floor trying to bite player (but most of the time unsuccessfully)
Piranha Sprout: Disguised as a normal...turnip, but when player gets close comes out of disguisey weedie thingie and starts spitting seeds at player
Shy Guy: Chases
Spikes: Just stands there throwing spike bars
Walleye: Runs around horizontally trying to block player from going any further
Square Stump Enemy: Has spikes on sides and blocks the path it's on and moves sideways
Zombie: Looks like Jell-O and chases Captain Toad as a group
Mole: ...a mole


King of Pyropuff Peak: A gigantic dragon. Lives in a volcano and spits fire in a player while in a erupting volcano. Captain Toad can dodge by staying behind a moving wall (y did mr. king even make that wall)

Wingo: A gigantic bird with a feather on her turban which looks a LOT like a Cape Feather. Can be defeated by having large turnips thrown at her


Double Cherry: Clones player
Super Mushroom: I dunno
Gold Mushroom: This is not confirmed to be in the game, and is unlikely but a GameFAQ user did spot some
Invincibility Mushroom: Actually just speculated to be an invincibilty Mushroom. Was first spotted on the Japanese site for CT:TT
1-Up Mushroom: Grants you an extra life
Question Block: Can be (somehow) hit to give you something
Beat Block: Two variations, blue and red, when blue disappears red appears and when red disappears blue appears. Disappears/appears on beat/beep in music
Boost Pad: Gives ya' a boost (not in life, but in actual running speed)
Brick Block: Can be broken by Pickaxe (we'll see about that later)
Cannon: Unknown if actually in the game but extremely, extremely, extremely likely. Shoots Captain Toad to another area.
Minecart: Can be ridden, moves on rails
Clear Pipe: Functions like a Warp Pipe but is transparent and player can be seen passing through it at all times (unless it's going inside a solid non-transparent area which the camera doesn't go 'in')
Coin: Can be collected
Coin Stack: A stack of coins, DUH
Diamond: A collectible, function like Green Stars (for some reason not the ones from the Adventures of Captain Toad levels), Star Medals or Star Coins, 3 in each level
Donut Lift: When stepped on, falls after some time
Turnip: Can be pulled out of weedie blockey thingies and can be thrown to defeat stuff etc. etc.
Giant Turnip: ^ That, except bigger
Ladder: Climbable ladder, DUH
Numbered Platform: I dunno
P-Switch: Bricks into coins, coins into bricks AFAIK
POW Block: Gives a powerful BOOOOOM...actually I dunno
Power Star: Completes a level
Pump: I dunno
Stamp: Can be collected to give you a stamp which can be used for Miiverse
Super Pickaxe: OK, sure, I called it a Pickaxe before but meh, anyways can be held to break Brick Blocks
Warp Pipe: Can be entered to take you to another area in the same level
Spinwheel: Can be turned to spin obstacles E.G a bridge
Posses-able Cannon: Can shoot turnips at enemies


Walleye Temple: Steal the Star!
Minecart Summit: Throw the Turnips!
The King of Pyropuff Peak
Bizzare Doors of Boo Mansion
Blizzard on the Star Express
Mushy Monument: Mayday!
Chute Scoot Slopes
Razzle-Dazzle Slider
A stage set outside a tower with Piranha Plants, Magikoopas and Clear Pipes
A water stage with swimming Goombas and Warp Pipes
A cavern with Piranha Creepers and a Super Pickaxe
A garden with Shy Guys
A lava-themed level with narrow pathways and Boost Pads (Red-Hot Run?)
A (nother) water level with Cheep-Cheeps and many different-colored Warp Pipes
A jungle level with a Piranha Creeper
A level similar in appearance to Mushy Monument: Mayday!, with Blue Toad and a wooden tower
A fortress level with Missile Bills
A palace level with a hedge maze and a Double Cherry (I HATE MAZES)
A train level with marching ghost-like enemies
A woods level featuring a patch of water and a platform that launches the player higher up.
A cloudy level with rolling hills
A ghost house with bookcases
A dark canyon-themed level
A level featuring multiple levels and Conkdors
A magical castle level with raise-able towers
A stage with many Beat/Beep Blocks
A desert stage with gear-shaped platforms
A stage with a wedding-esque tower and a hedge maze
A spooky woods-themed level with spiky tree-stump enemies

That's about it for now!
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That game looks pretty cool, even though I'm not sure of what's gonna be different from regular Mario
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Posted by py_hacker
Hey, let's mix Minecraft to our usual games

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Roy Koopa
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I hope this isn't the new Mario game we were teased about earlier this year because if it is it would have crushed my hopes and dreams that we'll be getting a REAL Mario game on the Wii U anytime soon, and possibly ever.
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Why would it crush your dreams?
That note you linked just mentions that the wii U gamepad will get more use.

It doesn't say it would have been the next big mario game, which im sure is yet to come

You know, CT:TT could just be an experiment.

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Well, it's been too long since we had a big new Mario game, and that was Galaxy in 2007. While Galaxy 2 is fantastic and possibly even better than the original it was just a sequel so it wasn't as big a step as 64, Sunshine or Galaxy 1 were.

I just keep getting my hopes up for a big new Mario game every time Nintendo says a new one's coming and proceed to be disappointed. Super Mario 3D Land had a fun first-playthrough but it lacked the complexity of the other 3D Mario's which I enjoy.

In 2012 we were promised new Mario game for Wii U and it ended up being another 2D NSMB game, and at this point they're basically all the same thing bar a few new powerups and a new set of levels.

In 2013 we were promised a new 3D Mario game but it was just a sequel to 3D Land, which was unwelcome from me as it took the same simple, dim gameplay from a game designed for a handheld on a console that deserves better.

If you don't see what I mean, read this.

In this Mario game, inspiration is taken from the Mario games of the old NES/SNES days. It brings back the old power-up system; get a Mushroom to become Super Mario, and a secondary item to receive an extra ability, getting damaged will revert you to a previous form or, if you're regular Mario, you'll lose a life. But wait! They've added a new secondary item to this game, and with it you have new ways to get to places you couldn't if you didn't have that item. For every level you have to follow the pathway, jumping on enemies heads in order to defeat them, there's three collectable items in each level which are often hidden. Finding them will allow you to unlock secret levels and if you collect every single one in the game you'll be greeted with a brief fanfare and some stars on your profile. Your goal is to reach the flagpole at the end of the level, each level is packed with coins and different kinds of blocks. There's a bunch of levels in each world. You'll go from world to world completing levels to advance to the next, and there's a range of themes such as grassy, underground, fortresses, castles, haunted houses, underwater and more! Each levels is designed with a rather blocky visuals. Aside from the occasional slope or curved surface, everything is square-like, much akin to the limitations of the obsolete NES/SNES technology, but in this case, as this is a game built on nostalgia we pass it off as an homage and a novelty. You only have two major buttons to focus on: an action button and a jump button, and that's all you'll need to get through the game. You can also perform wall jumps between narrow walls and ground pounds to break things beneath you. Expect to find rather easy bosses, all of which are defeatable by jumping on their heads three times! Well, not exactly as Bowser is a little different. You won't actually fight him, but you have to get past him and avoid him, much like you do in Super Mario Bros. 1! By the way, there's a hell of a twist in the final boss fight. Just when you think you've beaten the game, you'll find out that you're not quite there yet, because as it turns out, there's a whole extra part of the last world that was hidden from view this whole time! A princess has been kidnapped, and it's up to you to save the her from here!

This description fits 6 "different" Mario games from the last ten years alone.

I'm glad that they're doing something with Captain Toad, but it's not all that much a big title.
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3D world was more like a 3D NSMB, but still fun
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